Miranda Pro Released

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So I finally released Miranda Pro, an updated OpenType take on one of my first types, a classic serif display face.

Here's a sample:

See more at MyFonts.com.


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Neat. Too bad that the specimen doesn't render it justice.

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Blue values anyone?

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Yes, there are definitely some overshoot hinting problems in the sample.

I'm also bummed that he's used the name "Miranda," as I would have loved to be able to use it myself. It's my older daughter's name.

Nice typeface, though!

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Thanks for the feedback, folks. Hinting is definitely one of my weakest areas in font development. Any suggestions where I should go to learn how to do it right/better? I'd love to learn and improve what I do.


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Miranda is a nice name, but you cannot register a trademark for common names. Maybe that is why Dennis Pasternak chose Maiandra.

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