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I got some feedback on the initial drafts of this book design a while ago, but it is nearing completion now.

At the last minute I decided to get and try out a new typeface that I really love. My first typeface is Arno Pro and the second is Feijoa. I am not sure which works best in this context.

I would also welcome any other criticism on layout, leading, anything really. This is a piece of university coursework, which I have to submit as part of the degree. I will, of course, include anything that I learn and use and reference my sources. I say this to be clear that I am trying to learn, rather than get something for free. I have done a lot of reading and research, but as this is the first time I have designed a book, I would welcome opinions. For example I have used ligatures in the poem itself, but am not sure if they are too much here, especially opposite the calligraphy.

Both of my pdfs have a couple of blank pages at the beginning and they are not completely finished yet

Thank you

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"If there is any general idea underlying Rumi's poetry, it is the absolute love of God. His influence...." God's influence or Rumi's influence?

"As a native speaker...." This is a dangling modifier. The long phrase is not about "Khalili's translations", it is about Khalili himself. Rewrite.

"Rumi 24 years old...." Does this need another comma?

Is there some explanation of the calligraphy?

"All rights reserved...." This entire paragraph is on the page twice. Is this intended? Also, at least in the US, the phrase used is not "prior permission of the copyright holders", but rather "prior permission of the publisher".

Do you need a year referenced in the copyright? (I have no idea.)

Well, I like the typeface in design 2; but this may be because I generally like darker fonts. And the dark face in design 2 goes with the calligraphy very well. Design 2 is very readable. I vote for design 2.

This, to me, is a very readable left-aligned (ragged right) work. Very nice.

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Thanks Tim, that is really helpful. I must admit I was concentrating so much on the layout and type that I have not paid much attention to the text!

I have made the corrections/amendments that you suggested, except that the coursework notes give the phrasing about the copyright, so will leave that.

It's been an interesting process and design 2 is the third of my typeface choices. I really like that typeface.
I would welcome any more feedback from others on the leading, titles or anything else really

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