Sun Times front page 1970

A reporter wrote me on Flickr as I have a Sun Times specimen book from 1961.

The image is here

I'm pretty sure the sans face is Futura bold condensed, though the lower case "a" troubles me a bit. Although the Sun Times masthead resembles a number of faces I can't find an exact match.

Thanks for your help.


You're looking at the Nameplate, not the masthead. Here's a history of the nameplate:

Great article, thanks. However, the example in the image is from 1970 according to the writer, pre-dating the redesign. Still trying to identify the typeface.

for the title (similar but not an exact match):
Gazette LT Std Bold - close with a different /A
ITC Cheltenham Bold - not so close

...and for the sans: Futura ND Cn Bold looks like a perfect match

I found them using Find my Font -