Looking for critique on this project

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Hi, guys,

I am looking for some critique on this project. It started as a sketch of the uppercase characters & developed into lowercase. I am wondering whether to introduce some weight to this project as the negative space in some of the lowercase glyphs contrasts a lot with the uppercase.

Does the x height of the lowercase fit the cap height ok? I looked at Gotham Condensed Bold for some guidelines on vertical proportion.

Would appreciate any feedback from you experts out there.



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This seems to be a clear case of geometric construction given run of the house... The classic example here is Futura: the circles look like circles because they're not circles. :-) So unless you want the "naive" look you'll need to carry out extensive modulation.


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Thanks for your feedback. So I should loose the geometry of the strokes? Could you recommend any fonts to look at, other than Futura? Thanks

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A very interesting article. Thank you

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