Caption size VS Body copy size

When placing a caption beside body copy what is the general rule of thumb? Should they both have the same leading? For example, my body copy is 7pt with 9pt leading should I set the caption to 6pt with 9pt leading? see attached sample. Thanks.

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I would use the leading that best suits the caption size, rather than try to align the captions and the text on the same baseline grid.
Here's why: The captions should have a stronger visual connection to the art or photos they describe than to the adjacent text column. Also, I would want the flexibility to scale and crop art and photos however they work best. I wouldn't want to have to scale or crop them to line up with the text baseline grid, just for the sake of aligning the captions.

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With such a narrow measure maybe you can set the 6 point text flush, then every three of its lines would align with every two of the main text.


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