Is it possible through TTX or Dtl OTMaster?

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I am currently finalizing my font with MS Volt. The positioning data (kern, curs and marks lookups) in my font has reached to such a limit that if I add more positioning data to my font then the compilation starts failing in MS Volt though "Use extension Lookups" and "Use PairPosFormat 2" options are on in the MS Volt.

I want to ask that after generating the final font with Volt, is it possible to add some more kerning and marks lookups to this font (generated by Volt)? From reading different posts I have guessed that it may be possible through TTX and Dtl OTMaster though I am not sure about it. Badly need some guidance in this respect. Also I do not know which one will be easier. Any help will be appreciated.

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[…] is it possible to add some kerning and marks lookups to this font […]’

In DTL OTMaster one can export the layout features, edit/add stuff and subsequently recompile the tables.

One can use the ‘Import…features’ functionality for instance for the positioning of marks in Arabic fonts. A (standardized) features file containing the necessary information can be imported and subsequently the mark attachment points can be edited interactively or numerically via the Tools –> ‘GPOS’/’GSUB’ Table Viewer for the correct positioning of the (mark to) marks.


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