Cyrillic Slab Serif Web Font

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Any recommendations for a slab serif with a cyrillic character set? It would have to have an @font-face license. Looking for something in the neighborhood of Archer, Caecilia, Centro, Copse, Ernestine, Museo, Serifa. Centro may work, but looking for some other options. Thanks!

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{To Follow}

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If it's not urgent, we'll release a new slab serif family (hopefully) during May/June. And it will include Cyrillic character set as well, as Light/ Regular/ Bold with matching Italics. If I succeed, an matching sans family will be followed soon after releasing the slab family.

If it's urgent... try looking for some Paratype's releases.


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Thanks, Dušan. It is pretty urgent, so I don't think we can hold out until May. Thanks for the Paratype tip, Pragmatica Slab could work.

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