The Complete Engraver: A Guide to Monograms, Crests, Ciphers, Seals, and the Etiquette and History of Social Stationery

At long last, this book is available on pre-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble at a sweet discount until it is actually in the bookstores.

In this age of emails, texts, and instant messages, receiving a letter has become a rare treat. Engraved stationery can make a piece of correspondence, whether a short note, formal letter, or business card, even more special. Once an integral part of social life, the use of engraved stationery has become a lost art. In The Complete Engraver, author Nancy Sharon Collins brings this venerable craft to life-from the history and etiquette of engraved social stationery in America to its revival and promise of new visual possibilities. Illustrated with gorgeous, original specimens of social stationery, calling cards, and monograms, The Complete Engraver also includes an instructional section that walks the reader through the engraving process and the steps required to commission engraving work today.


Sounds interesting.
By the way, I like the term “social stationery” :-)

Congratulations, looks good!

Thanks guys!

Are there lots of illustrations for us who like to read pictures?

Great price point.



Yes, loads and loads of pictures, copiously illustrated, all sorts of nifty eye candy.

Thanks for the info(s), put the book on my to get list!