Ball Cap website Font... Slab Block Letters

The font on the website calls it SLAB BLOCK. When I tried to find a letterstyle of that name, all the serifs are straight, not cut like this is. Any ideas? Has it been hacked to look like this?

The TE is what I need, and from cropping a screenshot, I got the SLAB BLOCK - Which doesn't even really look like the TE...

Thanks in advance!


I can't figure out what you have or what you want or what you're looking for!

What website calls what 'Slab Block'?

You say that you need 'The TE' - but it would appear that you already have it. At least a functional image. Are you looking for a font that has letters like that? What screenshot did you crop and what did you do with it?

- Herb

Raleigh Bold, squooshed.

I'm sorry I didn't explain thoroughly Herb,

But THANK YOU JAN!!!! You've saved me!!! I really really appreciate it!!!!