Suggestions for a humanist-yet-forceful display web font

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Suggestions for a humanist-yet-forceful display web font

I'm setting up a personal blog of a friend, and helping her with the basic layout and design. Now I'm looking for a webfont – ideally available through one of the free webfont services until size dictates otherwise, the free versions, Typekit or Google Webfonts – that suits her style and personality.

She's queer, out, proud and quite apart from traditional notions of femininity, yet with a strong spiritual side (think fire-and-brimstone inspirational preacher, but not necessarily christian), which will be the focus of the blog. (A preliminary title includes the concept of lay preacher confession.) So what I've been trying to find is a good style that manages to be both forceful and passionately warm, something that's humanist to an extent but veers away from softness, tradition and scriptiness. We looked through some libraries and she sort of liked old-fashioned American headline gothics, but I think something a bit more understated and more contemporary might be better. An angular serif, Swift-style, perhaps? Or something bridging humanist type and forceful headline sanses?


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Some of my previous recommendations of Ernestine have been borderline. This time however it seems to be a perfect fit.

Another good one here is Avance, which also has a hybrid personality suitable to this context.
But I don't know how good its screen rendering is.