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Illustration: Making Pictures

St Bride are hosting a one day conference on Illustration on the 19 June 2012. Come along if you want to see something a bit different... speakers include Linzie Hunter and Ben Flynn (Eine) who create their own iconic hand lettered work. Other speakers include John Lawrence, Kai and Sunny, Nic Rawling, Peter Schrank, Helen Stephens – more to be announced shortly.

Illustration plays an integral part in many of our design processes – from interpreting the ideas of designers, to bringing to life an author’s words. Free from the constraints of a set brief, illustration can act as an outlet where creative expression can roam freely. We normally only see the highly polished end result in the pages of a magazine, on a billboard or a jam jar label, but for illustrators this journey starts with ideas; with scribbles and sketches, mistakes and musings. With the advent of digital technology, we can gain more immediate insight into the story behind the pictures.

Illustration can blur the boundaries across design, art, and typography and above all illustration engages, delights and inspires offering a fresh perspective to the world we live in.

Teach © Eine. Photograph © Gareth Gooch.1.21 MB
PureCow © LinzieHunter1.44 MB
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