Thick, comical font

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I'm having trouble identifying the font in the small (sorry) attached image. I know I've seen/used it on posters, however my search to find the face has come up empty. Thoughts?

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Your image is really small,
but it could be Broken Stick by Matt Tapson & Nigel Babb
A bit slanted maybe?

I found it using Find my Font -

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I apologize for the size of the imgt. The shapes are spot on to your suggestion, however, knowing the text in the picture is vinyl, I know the letters are solid. Know of one like that, but without the grunge?

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If the letters is vinyl, there is a possibility this would not be a standard TrueType or OpenType digital font.
Many manufacturers of vinyl cutters and large scale printers create their own OEM fonts, which are vector fonts in a non-standard custom format. See for example the Gerber System which uses custom Gerber Fonts (.gsf).
Most of these fonts are exact copies of standard commercial outline fonts, but some of them are modified to be more suitable for a specific application like e.g. vinyl cutting or engraving.

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