Alternatives to Chronicle Display Condensed Semi?

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Basically, we like the geometry and size of the font (numbers of characters per line) and the semibold-weight itself.

We want something classical and "stylish" but typefaces like Bodoni in Condensed versions have too thin areas.

Any suggestions?

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Not exactly sure what kind of difference you’re looking for or why Chronicle is not satisfactory, but here are a few faces along those lines from the Font Bureau library:

From top to bottom (following the Chronicle sample):
Escrow Condensed Semibold
Benton Modern Display Condensed Semibold
Poynter Oldstyle Display Condensed Semibold
Whitman Display Condensed Semibold

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Thanks Kent! That helps a lot.

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Walburn Regular
Nicholas Semibold
Condensed semi-bold headlines faces, with slightly different geometry.

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