Converting Mac fonts to PC

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I've got some PostScript Type 1 outline fonts that I need to convert for use on a PC.
What tool is the best to use?

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If the font EULA permits it, I would recommend TransType

You could also try Crossfont:
(Be aware that you cannot simply copy a Mac OS Classic font to Windows. The resource fork will get lost.)

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Hmm, it doesn't look like TransType will work on OSX Lion, and Crossfont is only for PC.

Any other ideas?

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I think FontForge can do it and pour you a cuppa.

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Crossfont handles archived or binhexed fonts containing the resource fork. More explanation here:

There's also FontXChange for Mac, which is an Intel app so should run on Lion:

FontForge is certainly capable, though perhaps a bit less straightforward— you'll probably want to consult Google:

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For any cross-environment migration or conversion, font-related or otherwise, I've always recommended doing the conversion on the TARGET system, if possible. The big advantage is that you can immediately test the result.

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