Nice very modern sans serif. Who know the name of this kursive?


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Εὕρηκα! It is probably based on Mic 32.

Thank you for your feedback. I think this must be another one.
The "e" is not rounded…

Try this: Take the ‘e’ from the upright bold weight and slant it by ten degrees. The result will match the ‘e’ from your sample. And note that they also changed the exclamation mark. This is why I wrote ‘based on’.

Out of the box looks right on?: T-26/Mic32MediumOblique

Right, but I don’t think that this cut is still available. ‘Mic 32’ (which only had an oblique) was replaced by ‘Mic 32 New’ (which only has an italic).

PS: Where do you always get those aliased samples from? Your contributions are very helpful, but looking at the images you post makes me cringe.

1. OK. Try Mic32 New Medium Italic

2. Sorry. I haven't figured out the aliasing solution. There are a lot apps between the font and the forum.

About 2: Thanks, I didn’t mean to criticise you. I was just curious what kind of application produces this (awkward) rendering.