[Sans + Serif] 3 fonts from fictional ads to identify

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The following samples are from fictional ads from the game GTA: San Andreas.
For a modification for GTA IV, we are busy recreating some of these ads to a more high quality version. Of course we try to use the same fonts. We already have recreated several of these ads, but of the following ads, I have not been able to recognize the fonts being used.

Sample #2 reminds me of a font I ever had, but I can't recall the name and thus not check if it is the one being used.
Sample #3 is hard to identify due to only having these letters.

Could you please help me with identifying these fonts?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

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1. "Sprunk" could be Colonel Serial Bold, artificially expanded

2. "LOVIN' A LOAN, get the money..": the image is not very clear,
but it looks like Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold - maybe a bit compressed...

3. Can't be sure for the "MOTEL" as the image contains only a few common letters,
but I think Frutiger Pro 77 Black Condensed is a close enough match

Good Luck with you GTA IV

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Hi Fivos,

Thanks for your reply!
1 looks very much like it, so I'll use that one. Also 3 looks okay to me.
For 2, Abadi is similar, but not a hit. I think I had this specific font on my previous installation, but I still wouldn't know its name.

Thanks again for your help! Further suggestions for 2 are still open.

Kind regards,

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