Country Codes unicode?

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I'm trying to include a set of country codes into a typeface. (D), (UK), (USA) etc.
Does anyone have any idea how to set the naming / encoding for these?

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I think Old Nick misunderstood the question.

Brown Fox is saying he wants to include symbols in his font for country codes, as single glyphs. He's wondering if there's a standard way of doing this.

The answer is: there are standard codepoints for these characters, yes.
They are encoded at U+1F1E6 to U+1F1FF.
The original proposal is here:

Thus there are standardized glyph names for those characters, of the form "u1F1E6" etcetera.

The type designer can use OpenType ligation to do what she wants with the combining sequences. Does "FR" turn into a single circled FR glyph? Up to the designer.

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