"Metro" Font

Ok, so I used to use this font a lot on MS Paint on Windows XP.

Through upgrading and such, I lost the font, though I remembered it was termed "Metro". Quick searches showed me quite a lot of fonts share the name, so I gave up looking.

Had some renewed fervour today, and of all things, found it searching google images and coming across it on ufonts.com, where they termed it "Metro Regular". Downloading it, MS Paint continues to identify it as "Metro".

So, I guess I've already vaguely identified it; I just want to know is there any details behind this font that would help me not lose it, considering "Metro" is a fairly unhelpful search term. Any specification?


Looks like a knockoff of Peignot:

I couldn't find any font at ufonts named Metro that matches your sample. The one I have is an anonymous copy labeled simply 'Generated by Fontographer 3.5"

As Josev said, it's a knockoff of Peignot. Other Peignot equivalents include:

Monterey (Richard Ware of Casady & Greene) Now completely free at
The download includes 5 different weights.

Exotic 350 (Bitstream)
Penguin (Corel) probably a rebranded version of Bitstream's Exotic 350

- Herb

Here's it on uFonts:

Appears to be the same Fontographer version.


Details? The formation of ATypI* was triggered when Peignot was plagiarized. Later on Peignot's designer hung himself (FYI on the same night that I was born - not important :-) because he didn't get enough respect from a certain font house. So maybe don't use the illegal clone - buy the real thing.

* http://atypi.org/


...Peignot's designer hung himself (FYI on the same night that I was born - not important :-)

Hrant, have you ever thought that you might be the reincarnation of Casandre?
you know... the same night... just a coincidence? :-)

I'm not the superstitious type, but it's worth mentioning that Peignot was nothing less than an effort in reforming the Latin alphabet, and that has long been one of my central preoccupations... :-)


May it's not the right topic, but I found your article in tipoGrafica magazine very interesting! (and - ironically- not very legible, in this 4-column-PDF format, at least not in my 18.5" screen)

I suppose I like it so much, because although I had to work from time to time in other areas of computing and IT technology (to make a living) my primary interest in the last 20 years is machine vision & image pattern recognition. Understanding human vision is for me the most valuable source of information to derive new algorithms for machine vision.

I have a lot of questions.... I doubt this is the most appropriate thread but I can't give up the temptation to ask one or more questions.
What is the Mas Lucida project?
is a font:
or it is something more, like trying to measure the readability of many experimental fonts?

...and the primary question which popped-up in my mind while reading your article is, how easy is to design a font having as primary goal to improve readability and at the same time to make the font "beautiful", "elegant", etc - you know all these things that are part-subjective but they have also a deep root in archetypes and current aesthetics, and are changing so slowly?
Is it possible that our eyes could finally convince our mind that readable is beautiful?

very interesting! (and - ironically- not very legible

The acrobat "Article tool" helps a lot with those multicolumn texts. Here is what I got with it:

* Removed iframe tag
Link to article

To read just right click to get the hand tool and click to follow automatically the columns. The footnote references are also clickable and "Previous view" returns to the text.

*I just realized that what worked nice in Safari is causing trouble in Firefox. You now select the hand tool in Acrobat reader.