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I am looking for suggestions for expert, active type designers that have experience with Cyrillic. i.e., who are the best ones that currently accept commissions (based anywhere)? Preferably with experience creating typefaces for editorial contexts (magazine, newspaper).

I know Gerard Unger has some of his typefaces in Cyrillic and that Monotype does commissioned work. Any other names and thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank in advance for suggestions...


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I assume you are looking for type designers, not typographers.

Two young designers from Russia:
Irina Smirnova
Alexei Vanyashin
There are many more talented people.

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Sorry I didn't realize there was a distinction. I see on Wikipedia that type designers are "sometimes mistakenly called a typographer."

Anyway, thanks for the names! I will check out their work.

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There are quite a number of good ones. Here's just one rising star:


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Of the Russia-based designers with considerable professional experience I could recommend, in random order, Tagir Safayev, Alexander Tarbeev, Gayaneh Bagdasaryan, and Natalia Vasilyeva. Manvel Shmavonyan who lives in Yerevan, has a good number of excellent Cyrillics under his belt. Many Cyrillic fonts designed by Russian and non-Russian professionals are offered by ParaType. Matthew Carter, Robert Slimbach, John Hudson, Steve Matteson, and all designers who took part in developing Microsoft ClearType Font Collection are very good at Cyrillic.

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Great list, thanks Maxim!

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Fellow typophile Andrij Shevchenko:

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TDC Cyrillic Seminar, 2007.
Just one way in which Maxim (4th from left) has been responsible for encouraging the “activity” of Western Cyrillic type designers—and our expertise, such as it is.

(Photo by Adam Twardoch.)

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Feel free to contact me at


As Maxim noted, I have some experience designing Cyrillic types, and they seem to have been well-received in Russia. It has been a while since I worked on a Cyrillic, and I'd be interested in an opportunity to do a new one.

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Kostic Type Foundry does custom work. You can take a look at our work here
and contact here

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