UConn Huskies font

I need a downloadable version of the font used by University of Connecticut on its Huskies sports jerseys. Here is a link to the C: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ConnecticutHuskiesBlockC.png



The digital fonts used are UConnCondensed and UConnExtended. They are proprietary bespoke fonts created for the exclusive use of the University of Connecticut's athletics department.

If you're looking for examples of the rest of the letters (to decorate a cake, for example), you might try their two websites, uconn.edu and uconnhuskies.com. It might also be possible for you to obtain authorization directly from the University.

Note that the fonts themselves are basic and do not include things like outlining or the multi-color effects seen in the logo.

- Herb

Thanks much. Can you suggest a similar font that would be downloadable without permission? In the medium of cake, the level of detail isn't that great anyway.

Some similars (based on this sample): Downturn, Micronica, Infinity, Clicker

Nice suggestions of similarities. Another similar font could be a modified version of Armada Bold (regular or condensed). But good name of the UConn font. UConn Extended

@Ryuk - nice matches. Here's an image of UconnExtended for comparison:

I would say it's "fontstructable" with some advanced bricks (http://fontstruct.com/).

Thanks to all of you. Between these options, I can make it work.

Just curious -- Where did you get the UConn Extended sample?

Folly, depending on how much you need to actually type set, I would even suggest using the illustrator pentool. The letter C seems to be quite simple - 12 points. You could do it in under a minute. ;)

It was a sample from a UConn standards document found on the UConn website a few years ago.