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Yacht name font

Hey Typophile,

First post, thanks in advance. Looking for the font that this "Rose Tena" yacht name is made of. The image above came from a photograph, I cut it out of the photo and straightened it so it was vertical. The yacht is in the Midwest region of the USA. The lettering was applied with vinyl decals, and I would venture to say that it was done within the last 10 years. The unique part about this font is the "T". If we can identify that, I believe the rest of the font will follow. It feels like it has a spanish, or latin flair to me. Your help is greatly appreciated, as I have been tasked to use this particular font on another project.

Thank you,



Bump. Anybody? Any Idea? Anything Close?

The Altra is close, especially the Altra Heavy or Altra Black. But still not perfect, the S in the logo has less white space, and the R and A in the logo stay pointy rather than getting cut off on the thicker Altra versions. Do you think it's a knockoff, or were the letters modified? It might be able to pass if there aren't any other options.

The description reads:

Altra is a family based on a tracing of an old clip art font.

So it’s possible that the vinyl letters came from the original source.
I think that fiddling with the Heavy weight (horizontal scaling, maybe an outer stroke) could bring you pretty close.

Great! Thanks for your help. I searched around for a while, but never got this close.