Could someone please suggest the font which is looks like Caribri but has more clean, sharp edge?

Your advise would be really appreciated.


Thanks eliason.
This really helps.


You also could also look for the other works of Luc(as) de Groot, Calibri’s designer:

I don't know if this is valid but I would also recommend Open Sans, Roboto and Droid. They are all available on Google Fonts and are a free download (If that is a prerequisite?)

At least let's not assume that free is a prerequisite, eh?


@hrant. Ofcourse. No mention of where he wanted to use. Guessed it was screen because he mentioned Calibri.

Thanks all. Arjun, the font you recommend Open Sans was great as Droid for my client.

It seems that Lucas de Groot made a version without rounded stems. When I read this on his website, I was a bit disappointed. I think Calibri would have looked better without the roundings.

De Groot drew a contemporary sans serif family with subtle roundings on stems and corners. However, as the roundings seemed to suffer under ClearType rendering, De Groot redesigned the font, taking out the rounded corners. When submitting the proposal to Microsoft, he sent along a sample of the original version, adding: ‘I like the look of it, but as you see these rounded tops look real ugly in ClearType; don’t choose this.’ De Groot had in fact been critical of the ClearType rasterizer when he first saw it demonstrated.
To his astonishment, Microsoft chose the rounded version. ‘As I soon found out, the rasterizer had indeed improved, and rounded tops and bottoms could be rendered smoothly now.’

It would indeed be nice to have a non-rounded version of Calibri.