Eason (St.Nicolaus) on the move

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Hello Typophiles,

Just writing to tell you that things are moving along with Eason (formerly Saint Nicolaus). I've made many modifications to the roman, completely redrawn the italic (and am doing so again), and added titling and inline caps. Progress is being hampered by non-type work, but I am hoping to scrape together a useful opentype family sometime in 2005. I still have to rework the bold, based on the changes to the regular and flesh out the variations on the figures. Fonts are a black hole that you toss your time into, happily. Anyhow, here is a preview. All suggestions welcome.

Oops, I just noticed the inline S. It looks odd because the outside line is defining the curve instead of the inside, like it does everywhere else. See the B for example. I'll post that fix shortly.


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I also want to show the ornaments. I've broken them out into their components for a wealth of flexibility: mixing colors, screens, wallpaper patterns, making borders etc. You may recognize them from this post long ago. The tea box strikes again (though I have to say they are much cleaner and easier to use now.

Here's that revised S. Still some curve tweeking to do but much better!

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Could we see examples of the whole family?

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this looks really amazing - must have been quite a lot of work. the S-comparison is great!

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Truly beautiful!

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yay! now available through fountain/veer:


congrats, randy. looks gorgeous!

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Amazing stuff!


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Paul and all: Thanks for dragging this thread back up! Eason has been a long time in the making, and she's at least partly out the door. I'm currently finishing up the Open Type version with has extended language support, and many useful features. Since the previous posts i've revised the italics, added a bold italic (thanks for the push Nick), tab and osf across all weights, monospaced the ornaments and added another ornamet series, and reworked the smallcaps.

I send a big thank you to the Typophile community for your help and encouragement on this and other projects. Also thank you to Peter Bruhn and the good people at Veer.

I will post up some other samples here in a few days. Love them inline caps!


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It truly is a wonder to behold. When asked for my favourite font of the moment while I was being interviewed for TypeRadio at TypeCon2005 New York this summer, I simply blurted out: "Eason". With no time to think or rationalise, I suppose this is what I really felt in my heart.

(I know, it wasn't released yet, but I had the privilege to review an advance copy for the Typographer.org booklet, so I did know what I was talking about.)

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I was updating my wiki and discovered this loose end ... a *few* days later here are more samples. I've put the final version next to the original posted in this thread for comparrison. Eason is in yellow, St. Nicolaus in the white. It was rather embarassing to see myself calling Jenson's long S an "unusual F ligature" in the original post! At least I can quantify that I've come a short ways since then :-) Enjoy and thanks (Yves for you kind words).

Oh, and sorry for the wide image. A relic from typophile's neolithic past.


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Still lookin' GOOD!!!


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Beautiful, Randy! Peter will be very lucky to have this thing.

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