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Find my Font v3.0 - Find fonts in Images: Both Local and Online font matching is now supported!

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Joined: 30 Aug 2011 - 3:22am
Find my Font v3.0 - Find fonts in Images: Both Local and Online font matching is now supported!


Softonium Developments is proud to announce Find my Font v3.0 which is a major update to our font matching tool.

click for bigger image

a. Major new feature: Both Local and Online matching supported
The most important feature introduced is the capability to find a font from an image not only by scanning the local fonts of your PC but to retrieve also font matches from an Online Font-Matching Database.

b. The Online Font Matching database
Our database currently contains matching information about 40.000+ Commercial, Freeware, Shareware and Free fonts, including major commercial foundries/vendors and fonts from Shareware/Free resources like Dafont.com & Google Web Fonts.
You can have a look at how an Online-Font-Preview looks like, here: http://Bauer Bodoni Preview Sample

We update our database very carefully, to avoid including any clones or forgeries of copyrighted fonts. If you spot such a case, please send us a message through the integrated font-feedback form and we will investigate the case and remove the associated font as soon as possible.

c. How to include your fonts in our database
If you are a font designer or represent a foundry and you are interested to include your fonts in our matching database along with direct links to your site and links to major font resellers like MyFonts.com or FontShop.com, please contact us. There are no hidden charges or strings attached to our offer, this is a win-win situation: We are making our database more complete and you can sell more fonts by increasing your exposure.

d. How to acquire the new release
The new version 3.0 is offered as a free upgrade to all our current customers and the online matching feature is also available to our Free-30-Days-Trial demo. You can read more details or download our 30-Days-Trial in the Find my Font Edition comparison page or read a full version history here.

I'd like to thank again all typophile users for your valuable input and support which helped us a lot to make Find my Font a better tool. I will be really glad to read your comments about our new release.


PS: If you already have a Find my Font edition: You can download the new release by just entering your license number in this page: Product Update

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Fivos Vilanakis's picture
Joined: 30 Aug 2011 - 3:22am

Hi there,

we have just deployed a new Find my Font version: 3.1.00.
You can find bellow the full list of new features, the most important being the addition of an image correction tool, which allows the user to identify a font without any external image pre-processing even in cases of perspective deformation (e.g. a photo taken from a weird angle) or a low quality image.

The new tool performs one or all of the following operations in a single step:
Correct Deformation & Perspective, Enlarge Image x3, Mirror Image, Increase Contrast & Shrink or Expand Image Horizontally.

This is a sample screen to show how the image correction tool works: You select a 4-points area -by following the text-flow-, select all required options (in this case Enlarge & Perspective Fix) and click on the [Apply] button to acquire a corrected image copy, on top of your original image.
The next step is to proceed with letter selection & font identification - as usual.

I 'd like to thank all Typophile site font-masters for the valuable expertise I gained by your feedback and I also like to thank all of you asked for or solved a font ID request, because the only way to improve an application is to adapt it to real-world samples and real people needs.

You can download the latest release by entering your license number in the product update page:

or you can always download the free-30-days-trial edition here:

I will be glad to hear your thoughts about this new release.

Full list of Find my Font v3.1.00 new features:
(1) Image Correction tool
This new tool allows the user to make multiple corrections on the image such as:
Deformation correction
Image enlargement
Image mirroring
Contrast correction
Image expansion
All the above corrections can be performed on the whole image of any part of it. A preview is shown to allow the user to perform the necessary adjustments before finalizing the correction.

(2) Network Parameters
The program now allows the user to indicate if he's using a proxy to connect to the internet and the parameters for the connection.

(3) Improved Baseline Rotation tool
The tool now shows vertical lines to make the 'horizontalize' operation much easier.

(4) Tool tips
The new tool tip area provides useful information about the selected tool. The user may also adjust the tool's parameters in this area.

(5)Minor corrections / improvements
Mac OS GUI corrections

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Joined: 1 Feb 2010 - 1:12am

I've been using it, and it's awesome!
Highly recommended