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my new website wiescher.de

Just wanted to tell everybody that may new and humble website is up and running. Aloha Gert wiescher


When drawing a new font, there is a time when the final form is found – almost – but the curves are not slick and clean yet, that's what I call the »raw« form. Raw – no sweeteners added! In this family I tried to redefine this moment in type development for the eternally beautiful »Franklin Gothic«. I call the design »Franklin Gothic Raw«, not to be confounded with »rough«. The family can be used like any good normal typeface, you hardly see any difference to a conventionally cut »Franklin Gothic« in small sizes. The charm of the design becomes obvious the bigger it becomes, then it enhances your design with its imperfections in the outline. »Franklin Gothic Raw« is therefore an extremely versatile family. I created the cuts that I considered necessary for the seasoned designer who knows what he's doing. Enjoy!

Today I would like to introduce my newest typeface, it is called »Fiorentina«. The name implies flowery as well as Florence. I designed it after buying one of those incredible Florentine wrapping papers at my favourite paper-shop in Munich.

The font turned out to be an ecstatic, abundant, embellished script in the Renaissance tradition. It could have been made for the Medicis or Sforzas. I designed it completely new.

I gave it many different swashes and understrokes, alternate upper- and lowercase characters, 659 glyphs in all! The font has all letters and accents for for basic English, the Central European languages, Baltic, Roumanian and Turkish.

Fiorentina is one of the most beautiful typefaces I ever designed. Your designer of beautiful typefaces Gert Wiescher