Strange System Font

My system (mac os x, latest) is displaying bold/strong/big fonts everywhere in a strange way recently. It looks like this:

example one

I'm trying to ID the "new" font. Any help? It should be Arial Bold, but it's not -- note the tapered apostrophe, which should be a straight rectangle. Here's another example:

example two

Again, the letters look slightly rounded when in the past they have been blocky, like Arial.

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That doesn't look like something "your system"would be displaying. It's more likely whatever application you're running or the document it's displaying - whether it's a browser or a pdf viewer or a word processor or ...

WhatTheFont identifies "LET'S BAIL" as heltar

- Herb

WhatTheFont identifies "LET'S BAIL" as heltar

I think it’s just Arial, horizontally stretched.
By the way, Arial’s “apostrophe” is tapered.

It's Arial Bold, but the letters have been doubled up and offset to make it bolder, the trick that is used in some cases when there is no bold font. In this case it may be that the "bold" style was applied to Arial Bold, in effect double-bolded.

Thanks for the help -- I think you're right about it being Arial, but this still looks strange to me. Until recently the apostrophe would not have been tapered, it would be a rectangle, and the letters would not be rounded at all. I say it's "my system" because it's appearing like this in all applications, not just web pages. Anyone know what could be causing this?

EDIT*** -- Fixed! For some reason, the italic, bold, and bold italic styles of Arial were disabled in my Font Book. I reenabled them and all is back to normal. Thanks guys! That was killing me =P