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New Release: Tulika Bengali

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Joined: 27 Jul 2006 - 3:31pm
New Release: Tulika Bengali

The Indian Type Foundry is pleased to announce Tulika, a new text typeface family inspired by traditional Bengali calligraphy. It features distinctive, sinuous shapes and a high contrast between thick and thin strokes. Bengali is one of the most complex Indic scripts, requiring the design of over 700 glyphs for each of Tulika’s 5 styles. Jyotish Sonowal, in-house designer at ITF and native speaker of Assamese, did extensive research while defining the character set and included support for the Assamese, Bengali, Bishnupriya Manipuri, Garo, Kokborok, Meitei, and Mundari languages. Tulika is a set of Unicode fonts suitable for setting books, magazines, newspapers and any other material which can benefit from its five weights and high legibility at small point sizes.

Satya Rajpurohit
Indian Type Foundry

Riccardo Sartori's picture
Joined: 13 Jul 2009 - 4:20am

I can't read it, but it looks beautiful!

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Joined: 3 May 2000 - 11:00am

Very nice.

Make sure you submit it to the Granshan competition:
You have one week left!


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Joined: 27 Jul 2008 - 10:18pm

Lovely, lovely, lovely. How many ligatures included?