display font - Italian - 1965?

display font - Italian - 1965?

is this available anywhere?


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There are many similar techno-computer-micr style fonts available, but none that I've seen quite like your image. It looks like it was created in 1963 or 1964. It would be nice to find that it has since been digitized.

there was a stereolab album that used the same font :


Coll_hand that album cover was post 1990, printed in England, so you're right - it's very likely available as a font. Somewhere. Between the poster and the album cover, there's just about enough information to use as the basis for a new version l..

Other similar fonts include:
AutoMission (Toto)
Automation (Possibly Filmotype, also available as a renamed version of Otto Mason)
Otto Mason (Soft Horizons)
K22GKWComputer (Toto)
Westminster (Type Solutions)

HVB: it is possible the designer of the stereolab sleeve drew the font up.

I do recall seeing somewhere - but can't remember if it was a font or not?

as much as I'd like to draw it up the job it's for doesn't warrant it

I have managed to find my complete alphabet samples of this font.
However it appears Grignani redrew many of the characters for his book cover and may have also changed some of the weight through the stems. I have found out it was originally published by a Swizz photo-setting house and was available as headline setting via typesetters in London under various names. It appears to be a variation of the ECB font designed in 1958 for use on bank cheques. It appears to have disappeared after the typesetting houses went on of business in the late 80's.
I've drawn up a basic version for what I needed it for but would be interested to find some better samples than the ones I have and find out a little bit more about the font itself - if there were other versions and who should be credited for the original design.