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Free or cheap alternative to this font?

Hello! Please, can anybody help me find an alternate font, similar to this one?

Brix Slab designed by HVD Fonts.

Thanks in advance!


You will have more people looking at it if you use the Edit link to move the thread up to the main Type ID Board.
By the way, have you looked at Museo Slab?

Please don't suggest a free alternative.

Instead of helping one person save money help a type designer make money.


Please don't suggest a free alternative.

Not all Museos are free. And we don’t know why Juvina asked a cheap alternative.
I prefer to suggest a good free typeface instead of a “cheap” alternative.
And I will help, if possible, someone who’s asking nicely (since there are too many people who instead pretend or presume that all fonts are free).

Riccardo, I didn't mean you - I was actually trying to preempt more damaging responses.


Free alternative to food: dirt.

Sorry to have to say this but there is no such thing as a free meal for people who work at design. Honor your sisters and brothers who do the work of designing typefaces.

See you all at #Typo2012 next Thursday!

I didn't mean to be offensive, but I live in a country where the government doesn't allow their citizens to buy dollars, nor other currency so... we're pretty fucked up down here. We try to manage, by free alternative I wasn't asking a pirate version. Some designers let people to download their work.
Thanks riccard0 for your help!

So Argentina only allows credit-card companies (and PayPal) to authorize a downloadable software purchase if it's in Pesos?


I can believe juvina. Some countries dont allow people to buy different currencies to prevent their own from inflation. As for PayPal, in some countries it is just not available. In Bulgaria we have it for 3-4 years. Before that - no.