Wood Type Thing

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I'm working on what I guess I should call a tribute (see John Downer, Call It What It Is ) to wood type, more specifically Grecian Condensed from page 272 of Rob Roy Kelly's book American Wood Type: 1828

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And the G too. The serifs on G and S (not the surf / skate company) seem too blocky and awkward, like they belong on a lettermean's sweater. Is it just me? And the serifs are driving me crazy on the black weight. I can't figure out how to incorporate them. I don't know how you real type designers handle all of this stuff.

P.S. For those who are curious, here's an image of the original from the book.


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Holy smokes. I should have figured someone had done something. My main objective is taking it way past the original weights and making a black extended monstrosity, but in a good way, so hopefully I'll be safe as far as not redoing something that's already been done.

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Careful not to double on Dennis Ortiz-Lopez's tribute.

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