Glyphs app crashing in OS X Snow Leopard

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Is anyone else having issues with the latest version of Glyphs crashing constantly? I've tried all the usual fixes. This is the version downloaded from the App store.

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Better post on the forum or send an email (follow the contact link for an email address), if possibly with a more detailed problem description (like what did you do before it crashed).

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Thanks. I have posted in the Glyphs forum and contacted Georg directly. He says he is working on it, but in the meantime, I'm left with an unusable application. Just wondered if anyone else was having the same problems and maybe had figured out a workaround.

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It can help in these cases to have multiple operating systems on your system, so that if something does not work on a particular system, you can try another one. Personally I prefer virtual systems under VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop, and VirtualBox. Virtual systems provide an easy way to run different (versions of) operating systems for specific tasks and, of course, for testing. If a system is compromised, one throws it away and makes a copy of a clean basis again for further development. The server versions of Mac OS X work fine under forenamed applications, as do Linux distros and Windows versions.

Another option is to add an external 1TB hard disk, to make for instance four partitions on it, and to install an OS X version on one of the partitions. A program like SuperDuper can be used then to make a bit-for-bit copy from the clean base version on the other partitions for specific tasks. You can select a partition as start-up disk then. If a partition is compromised, the clean basis can be copied to it again. As far as I know, this is allowed by the OS X EULA.
        I would be a bit careful with running applications from other partitions though, because I encountered problems with some frameworks in the past.

To be honest, I never underst00d why people per se want to update their systems to the latest version. If things work fine, leave them as they are. If there is specific stuff only available for a new operating system, install it for instance on an external drive, like described above. If one buys new hardware and one’s workflow functions fine on the older system, keep the older system besides the new one. If an older app is not up-to-date anymore for specific tasks, look for a program that can add this functionality to the workflow. If there is older software running faultlessly on older hardware, buy this hardware second-hand, because it doesn’t cost much. There is no tax on the number of computers one owns (not yet, that is), you know.

Communications between older and newer systems can sometimes ask for some inventive solutions though, especially when support for older protocols like AppleTalk is dumped.


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A problem with the App Store is that updates take quite some time, i.e. until Apple approves it. That’s why I suggest buying Glyphs directly from Georg. Send him an e-mail, explain your woes and ask him if you can crossgrade for free to a regular (i.e. non-AppStore) license.

About the crashes: Weird. I haven't had such problems. Tried deleting the preferences or running it in a different user?

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blokland — I generally avoid upgrading unless I absolutely have to, especially if I have a stable workflow figured out. It's my own fault that I upgraded Glyphs without waiting to see if anyone had issues with the latest version, but it's a relatively new application with a small user base. Next time I will ask first.

mekka — I might end up going that route. Plus I'd rather support developers directly. I did delete the preferences. In fact, I deleted everything Glyphs related and reinstalled from scratch. I'm still wondering if updating the application to 64-bit is for some reason causing problems for me. I'm on an old(er) iMac but the specs should be supported. I'll try setting up another user account to see if that helps. Thanks.

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In case anyone is following this, I restored the previous version of Glyphs (1.2.2) and so far it's stable. So at this point everything's pointing to an issue with the latest update.

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Glyphs 1.3 or later requires OS X 10.6 or higher. The latest update is 1.3.7, btw.

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I know. I'm running 10.6.8.

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