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I am going to start an internet business that sells and designs posters and t-shirts that display American ideals. The designs will focus on the concepts of liberty and freedom (which is why I chose a torch). I wanted to keep the logo simple yet interesting. Let me know what you think of what I've done so far. Also, let me know if the typeface is a good one to use. I was thinking about using an older, American Revolution era typeface but this one was more bold and fresh. The other older font types didn't give of a powerful, inspiring feel. Be brutally honest; I want my logo to be the best it can be.

Target Market:
Liberty loving 18-45 year olds

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Funny, even before I saw the image I was going to suggest Brothers:
And I think it would work even better than what you have.

As for the torch, it would be nice if it reflected the look of the font - like being only straight lines, and not having any pointy bits.

BTW, another motif you can use (pretty trendy at the moment) is something that evokes Captain America's shield (although if you stay too close to it you'll hear from some lawyers I guess).


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Wow, I absolutely love that! It's a beautiful typeface that merges the two looks I am going for. I wish it wasn't $140 but thanks for the suggestion anyway. I'll definitely keep that one bookmarked.

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The non-OT version is only $39 per style:

BTW the Bold style is basically a caps-plus-smallcaps font - it doesn't have a lowercase.


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It might be me, but is anyone else getting 'Russia' when they see that logo?

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I felt this slightly when I made it. Any suggestions on how to make it seem less Russian?

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I love that brothers font! I feel it may be too "old" looking. Definitely is more of a period typeface. However, I do feel it goes better with your current torch. I would redraw the torch, as per hrants suggestion, and make it match your current font, which I like as well. I DO get that "Russian" feel though. Just off the top of my head, maybe try something along the lines of http://www.houseind.com/fonts/unitedcollection? Or perhaps something similar that is custom...? If you do keep your current font, you should rework the kerning a bit.

Oh just opened up MyFonts and saw this one: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ahmet-altun/regular/ the bold, all caps might work. I think the "A" is very Americana.

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Can you also explain the word type in the name?

Have you considered the concept of a flag?

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@bthockey: “I felt this slightly when I made it. Any suggestions on how to make it seem less Russian?

Rhetorical question: What are the colours used in the American flag?


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