World War II Aircraft Instrument Font B-17


Amazing site you have here! I'm trying to find the font that was used in World War II Aircraft navigation instruments. Example is this URL: B-17 RECOGNITION LIGHTS

This was a very common font in World War II and probably was due to some machinery that was used to engrave onto the instruments. If you google "B-17 Instruments" you'll see this all over: Always all uppercase, proportionally spaced, sans-serif. Here is another one from the B-17 Auto-Pilot control B-17AutopilotPicture Any help would be appreciated!

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If you're looking for something similar, Bryant Condensed could work. Or http://Router.

Most likely, the lettering was created with a Leroy® lettering template and (probably) cut with a router of some kind. My takes on the original are here...

Thanks @eliason and @oldnick!

@oldnick, Planscribe NF is INCREDIBLY close! I think that's what I'll go with unless someone comes up with something closer in a few days.

Much appreciated!