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hello everybody. i am new to this grate site. i would like to show u new work that me and my partner made ( we have recently opened a studio ) this is a logo (and also a cover ) of a cd of a singer here in israel. the cd is allready out, but i would be glad to hear your comments and critques for it. the image is built from hebrew letters ( font name: livorno) and the name is built from a letter that we made here at the studio. it is interesting to see what u have to say about it ( as most of you dont read hebrew, i assume). thanx
danilogo for muk e

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I always enjoy illustrations made of type. As for the logo, the characters look retro and techno at the same time. I think it's the thick and thin aspects, whether it's stroke modulation or counters vs stroke weight. Normally I would say the one that looks like a backward s is out of place (because it has the only thin stroke), but it seems to be working with the other elements. What is the music like? I'm guessing it has a little intensity to it.

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thank u. sorry for my (too) late comment - yes the music is quite intense. the concept was - that he is a man of words - letters - more like a poet.
after few monthes that the album is out there, the comments are reguarding the readingness of the title - but as a unit the logo is very rememreble.
i am guessing that i put this thread under the wrong subject (logos is more apropriate, i assume). anyway i have few new stuff to upload and be very glad to see your comments on it.

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