Extreme Modern Numbers

I know what this font is (Sahara Bodoni), but I'm looking for other options in this vein. Modern with very thick thicks and thin thins. And I'm really just looking for the numbers – have to be beautiful. And it would be a bonus if there's anything that's not quite as extended as Sahara, even though I love that they're fat, the application I need them for wants two-digit combinations to be closer to square than rectangular/horizontal.

Any ideas?


Pompadour numerals is lovely, and free, but perhaps too wide and unusual: http://www.andymangold.com/pompadour-numeral-set-free-download/

Yes, I like Pompadour, but it may be a little too stylized. Thanks!

My Ambicase Fatface Poster OT might be worth considering (though some of its figures are also a bit unusual).

Ambicase Fatface Poster OT might have a little too much personality for what I need, but I think it's a contender. Lots of options here. Thanks, everyone.

1. French Advertising Alphabets/FAA Normandes
2. BA Graphics-Robert Alonso/Sahara Bodoni