Australian company logo - similar but not exact match to Chickens and Arista 2.0


I've been through a few other websites which provide suggestions based on the image, and I went through the questionnaire on Identifont which suggested Chickens and Arista 2.0 - both of these are similar but slightly different to the one I'm after.

The logo I'm looking at is for an Australian company called "Eye Dream Pty Ltd". They're quite small so don't have their own website as far as I can tell, but the logo is at the bottom left of this website: and is also attached.

If anyone can help me identify this font I'd really appreciate it.




Here's another version of the same image. I don't think the horizontal lines through the letters are intentional..?

"pty ltd" looks like a combination of Cyne (Typotheticals) and P22 Bayer Universal.

"eye dream" appears to be the same, with the the stroke endings graphically rounded. (and pretty badly, if you ask me, looking at the 'd' and 'a'.

- Herb