Help!? Dennis Wilson's Gatefold

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Hi all,

It would be awesome if you could identify the font stating "WILSON" in this sample!

The gatefold album is from 1977.

dennis-wilson.jpeg67.38 KB
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Please use the Edit link to move the thread up to the main Type ID Board.

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Hoefler Type Foundry/Knockout No. 71 Full Middleweight

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Hi DPape,

Nice one, but the creation dates are bad. I am looking for something ca. 1977. Knockout is from the mid 1990s no?

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If the shoe fits, buy it !?

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Ironically, I own Knock-out but I am not looking for something that "looks like" the font. I am looking for the font.

But that said, I am very appreciative of your keen eye. Thank you.

I will keep looking.

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info-off: If you're looking for the original 1970's font, would you prefer the 80 pounds of lead sorts to mount in your Linotype machine or possibly something that fits your Filmotype system? I guarantee that you will never find a 1970's TrueType or Type1 font. This one or any other!

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