(x) Asics Gel-100 Not Out - Caslon 540 {Franz}

Now this should be easy, but…



Hm, I guess not.. Checking.

Thanks Franz
I looked at that one, but (as with the other Caslon’s I’ve looked at) it has no serif on the lower end of the ‘C’.

Any others?

Are you sure? I think it does have two serifs on the C. :-) But there’s other incosistencies, like the T.. Could it be some sort of Baskerville? It’s not URW Baskerville oder Baskerville SB.

Doh, I guess it’s just Caslon 540, very slightly squooshed. And if it’s not, I give up. I’m off to bed. :-)

Franz, yes, you’re right about the C — I think I must have been looking at Adobe Caslon.

There are quite a few differences (and an overall different impression) to the Baskervilles I have handy. (sorry!)

Caslon 540? Could be…

Definitely Caslon 540, imho.

Cheers guys
I’ll take Caslon 540.