Creating an editable version of Neo Sans

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Hi Typophiles,

We need to create an editable version of Neo Sans to use with our workplace ERP finance software (running on Windows). We've been advised to use Fontlab's Font Lab Studio - does anyone know if this will work and the legalities around it?


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If you want a customised version that won't get you in trouble I'd get in touch with Seb Lester, the designer of the font. He's quite an amenable chap.

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When you say "editable version", do you simply mean a one-off customized version? Because "editable" makes it sound more involved, like giving your employees the ability to freely modify the font as needed over time - which is a whole different kettle of fish, and something few font houses would agree to (which means you'd need to commission your own custom font instead of modifying Neo Sans).


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Usually, editing Commercial fonts by yourself is not allowed.

On the other hand, your are free (as in freedom), allowed, and encouraged to edit Open Source fonts.
Also, many open source fonts include the "un-merged" source files, making edits much more easy.

You can get almost all the source files for the Open Source fonts featured in Google Webfonts from here:

And a few more from the Open font Library:

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We need an editable version of the font because the finance ERP software uses an automated print run. If we print the PDFs manually the font prints correctly, but if we use the print run program the fonts print as Arial.

I'll try contacting Seb Lester directly.


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Robinhall, that really really doesn't sound like a problem with Neo Sans. You'd better contact the manufacturor of your finance software.

What does an "editable" font look like? In what way do you think making the font "Editable" would solve your print problem? Tinker with the font until it suddenly works?

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I think the word is "embeddable".

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In the specs

on Microsoft's site, the expression "editable embedding" is actually used to describe what the fsType bit mask number 3 allows.

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