New Cuisine release

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Just released: New Cuisine.
From MyFonts description:
New Cuisine is a departure from formal, handwriting, and retro scripts. Influenced by the DIY lettering generation New Cuisine is a joyful looking script with all the right moves. It’s bold graphic presence makes it ideal for packaging, online journals and blogs, signage, logos, and menus.
Under the hood of New Cuisine lie precise connections, unique ligatures and alternates, and OpenType programming to orchestrate it all. Because of this, typesetting turns into a simple and playful experience. Also included are a simple fraction feature as well as Central European language support.

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Beautiful, optimistic, and very readable.

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Charming! Congrats and good luck Stephen.

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Charming indeed!
But if it’s not retro, why the Lucienne Day style of imagery in the banner ad?

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Thanks for the nice words. Nick, I commissioned a local illustrator to do the banners. I thought her style was a nice fit and she loved playing with it.

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Nice Stephen, very playful!

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