Need help identifying this font...

I'm trying to ID this font that is being used on a const. company logo, but its not ringing any bells with me. Any ideas?

Pardon the messy appearance of the font, but this is from a photograph of a construction truck and I spent just a couple minutes getting rid of a shadow that was cluttering things up.



it looks like a squoozed http://Baskerville (or New Baskerville)

Right you are again fvilanakis.

This is actually a version of Baskerville. I don't know what I would do without this resource here--I have all of the fonts that I am looking for, but in total there are probably 40,000-60,000 fonts archived on my system and it takes a long time to look through them all. I've tried using the WhatTheFont matching service a couple of times, but it can never come as close to identifying fonts as a skilled human eye can.

Thanks again fvilanakis--you made my life just a little bit easier.


I hope all those fonts are not pirated, especially since you "don't know what [you] would do without this resource here", and this resource is driven by people who make/sell type.