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Help? Russian-ish looking decorative, with diamonds over vowels, serif-y

Hello there, thank you please if you can help me?
I am hoping you might recognize this font that is
-- sort of serif-y
-- and has horizontal lines across lower case letters.
--It has diamonds over all vowels, and under the s
--The ampersand is pretty wild with a long wavery tail
--some of the letters are above or below the horizontal pediment
--there is a little decorative blip at the top of the rounds of the lower case letters
--The Capital letters are seeming tilted forward or back a bit
-- it is from a wordpress blog page, probably made in the last couple years
--I thought at first it might be hand drawn, which I think I could do, but will also have to take out ''steady hand insurance" or else it might really run uphill and downhill. lol

Thank you for reading my words.
Kind regards,


More than "Russian-ish", it looks to me "Indian-ish".

Found it: http://www.dafont.com/xxii-arabian-onenightstand.font?af=on&psize=l&text...
(it seems that someone thinks it's more "Arabic-ish" ;-)

Next time, please post on the main Type ID Board.

Dear RiccardO

Thank you so much. Arabia-ish it is. I noticed as I perused the 'found' type file on your site last night that you ought to be titled "grand font finder." I'm appreciative.

The part I didnt understand of your message was 'post on the main Type ID Board.' I looked for that and could not find it. On my cpu, these are the choices: Type ID Faq and posting guidelines/ Type ID Pop Quiz/ Solved IDs/ sans serif/ serif/ script, handwriting/ display/ blackletter/ dingbat, symbol/ mixed, various/. Then it moves to the forum list of questions and answers.

Could you send me the URL to where you want me to post? Thank you. I am very new-ish at your site.

with kind regards,

You should go to this URL: http://typophile.com/typeid. Directly below the heading that says ‘Type ID Board’, you can click on ‘Post new Forum topic’. It’s not your fault that it went wrong last time; the structure is confusing.

Thank you R. I will do that next time. I appreciate the link. That makes it easier for me.

take good care,