Shoot-Up Hill street sign

Can anyone have an educated as to what the two fonts used for 'Borough of Hampstead' and 'Shoot-Up Hill' are in this picture? Many thanks in advance.


Identify the font you are looking for! -

For the other font, here is a link to a better image.

Is there an alternative match rather than Antiqua? The top font is beautiful, I wonder if it was ever digitalised.

For "Shoot-Up Hill" you could look for Century and/or Clarendon. For "Borough", I have seen the style, but cannot offer suggestions.

Royaume Monogram is a digital font in a pretty similar style to the top letters, FWIW.

Good find, Craig!
Also, still for "Shoot-Up Hill", you could look for “Scotch”.

Thanks so much everyone!

Royaunme Monogram is definitely a good find!