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I am designing a family of 5 weights. When I name the fonts they appears in a submenu in my menu fonts, in my application but not the way I want. I wish Light + Light italic were on the top of the menu and Bold + Bolditalic at the bottom. I guess I am doing something wrong in the font naming in Fontlab but I am stucked here and cannot find a way to resolve that. Any help would be welcome ;)

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Different programs and different platforms will display the font menu differently. Getting anal over a petty annoyance ain’t worth the effort.

On the other hand, if you numbered the weights between light and bold, they might sort according to your demanding specifications…

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What's the first pane of the Font Info in FontLab look like for your font?

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Inspect the "Panose Weight" property for each of your fonts. They need to be the same for "Light" and "LightItalic", "Bold" and "BoldItalic", and so on, and increase in value from lightest to heaviest.

(Nitpick Mode: You might want to call those italics "Light Italic", "Bold Italic", and so on, according to convention. You also might want to re-think "Light" and "SemiLight"; the usual order from light to heavy is "Very Light", "Light", "Thin", "Book", "Medium", "Demi", "Bold", "Heavy", "Black", "Extra Black". Some software out there expects this naming convention, rather than counting on the Panose Weight.)

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I'll try all this. Thanks.

My font naming looks like this :

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In case it helps and by way of contrast, the naming for Adobe's MyriadPro-Semibold.otf (version 1.006) is as follows:

Family Name: Myriad Pro Light
Weight: Demibold (600) ["Font is bold" is ticked]
Width: Normal

Style Name: Bold
PS Font Name: MyriadPro-Semibold
Full Name: Myriad Pro Semibold
Menu Name: Myriad Pro Light
FOND Name: Myriad Pro Light

Additionally, the OpenType-specific font names:

OT Family Name: Myriad Pro
OT Style Name: Semibold

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