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Hi. I'm looking for helpful feedback about my direction, both in choosing and adapting Freehand521 for a start-up clothing company.

Basically, I'm driving towards a clever, whimsical, slightly nostalgic feel (think letterman jackets, patches, or baseball uniforms – but with a hip, perhaps sexy, modern twist) – particularly agreeable to women primarily both for themselves and their children (infants to kids), very appealing to teen girls and slumber parties and their boyfriends (the dynamic that draws boys into cute and fun interactions with their first high-school and college crushes)...but ultimately a sexy "cute" for couples who define themselves young at heart...and not entirely beyond the reach of an adult man who too might have a playful demeanor or a father to daughters or neices.

The name "Zip**" (I'M REQUESTING NOT TO BE TYPED HERE, SO HIDDEN FROM SEARCH ENGINES) cannot be altered and has a lot of meaning, based on the design of the garments (which employ a new zipper technology).

The capital "Z" of the font was not a clearly, legible design so I worked out one that didn't curl but was more instantly recognizable. I also added a little wispy curl to the lower-case "z". "Zip" I wanted together, and "zi" separate but together, the latter to be added to product names (think Citi of Citibank, Citigroup, etc.).

Hope this makes sense. I'm just curious if other professionals agree this hits the marks I've described, or have suggestions to confirm a better font selection or adaptation.

Cheers, in advance.

PS: Color and pattern treatments available upon request, along with product naming conventions I've explored

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I think the triple stroke plus shadow is just a bit over the top. Take away those enhancements and make the raw lettering sing. In particular, the p tail crossing the z creates a big awkward dark spot, and the flow between some of the pairs feels irregular.

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Thanks Luma. Yes, the "p" tail going through the small "z" has been tricky. Here's the work already done to-date.

I should clarify. The artwork first posted is an applicae patch, which is a usage requirement. However, the "options" I'm posting are the actual logo. As you can see, it's a bit more sleek and has greater white-space throughout.

But back to the p-z relationship. I'm not sure which, if any, solve the situation better. Am I at "good enough" stage?

Thanks again.

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What do you think now.
1. Smoother transitions (less forced, I'm hoping)
2. Reducing dark "hole" or "spot" by 40% (a total rework of that area)
– as such, it carries essentially the same area/energy as the "p's" twist.


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Z_i doesn’t flow very much.

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