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Call for Entries: typoversity2

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Call for Entries: typoversity2

What is the current state of typographical talent in Germany?
How do students handle typography?
What does typographical education look like in Germany and elsewhere?

These and other questions will be answered in »typoversity2«. The new publication ties in with the successful first edition and gives a review of typographical education at universities in Germany. »typoversity2« will show outstanding typographical student projects, furthermore professors of universities from all over the world will be interviewed, focussing on their typographical teaching, knowledge and application.

We are looking for final projects on typography (Bachelor/Master/PhD)!
You are invited to send us your project (PDF-file, low resolution, 10 pages, 5 MB) via E-Mail: mail@typoversity.com.
The following details should be mentioned in your PDF: your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of your work, semester, name of your professor and university. Furthermore you should give a short description of your project. Your work should not be older than January 2010. We can´t consider projects which don´t follow the guidelines. Deadline of submission: July 31st, 2012.

The most innovative projects will be chosen by a jury and published in »typoversity2«. Part of the jury are outstanding designers, typographers and professors like Christoph Dunst (burodunst.com), Verena Gerlach (fraugerlach.de), Heike Grebin (blottodesign.de), Christoph Koeberlin (typefacts.de), Dan Reynolds (typeoff.de), Andrea Schmidt (typografie-im-kontext.de), Patrick Marc Sommer (patrickmarcsommer.com) and Birgit Tümmers (doppelpunkt.com).

The participation is free of charge. If your work is chosen for publication you will get a free copy of the book. Everybody who takes part has to assure that his work is free of third-person rights. The publishing house, Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design Hamburg, will publish your project in the book »typoversity2« and use your work for promotion free of charge.

The book »typoversity2« will be edited by Andrea Schmidt and Patrick Marc Sommer in the publishing house Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design Hamburg in spring 2013. If you have any questions please contact us via E-Mail: mail@typoversity.com.