Fonduta, a clojure library to make experiments with fonts

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I've written a library (in clojure, a lisp dialect), to work with parametric fonts (in a lisp dialect). You can look at it at github:, the readme file tries to explain how to use it.

It was written for my own fun, and it is far from being complete, but I decided to release it, because somebody (maybe) can find it interesting.

You can see a small video here.

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Thank you for posting this it looks really interesting, hopefully I will be able to try it out soon and give you some feedback.

Something about the link did not quite work, re-directing to a Typophile wiki generation page. Copying and reformatting did the job though.

Michel Boyer's picture (typophile does not like the https if the link is not written with <a> and </a>).

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Thanks Karl and Michel!, I've fixed the link.

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