Robofab 'can't import dialogs_fontlab_legacy2'

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I'm trying to install robofab into fontlab 5.1.
I am following this method :
but when I am trying to install the Font Tools package I get this message in the terminal in the middle of the install :

unable to execute llvm-gcc-4.2: No such file or directory

And when I am processing this command
from import CurrentFont
in the macro window in Fontlab, instead of having a clear output window, I get this message :
"can't import dialogs_fontlab_legacy2"

I read that I had to made a clear install of xcode, but nothing changed. I am stucked here as I am not an expert in the terminal.
If it can be of any help I join the terminal window of the install.


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llvm-gcc-4.2 is the GNU C compiler as used by the LLVM Project, as far as I can tell.

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LLVM is the open-source compiler sponsored by Apple and heavily used in Apple's products. I believe XCode comes with a copy of it.

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4.2 seems to be their latest GCC-based release, so may have to be installed separately. Good thing: Once that's done, OP has a better chance of getting FontTools to work. Not perfect, but better.

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Ok I installed xcode and the command line… but no luck.

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