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Sans, black, combination of different styles, must find!

Does anybody know what this typeface is? Here's the website where it is used:
Beautiful, balanced, a nice combination of different styles. Thanks :D


They’re a type foundry too. Probably it’s one of their own. You should ask them directly.

If you use the Edit link to move the post up to the main Type ID Board, maybe someone could be able to inspect the flash file in order to get a name.

Not surprisingly, the font name is Atipo Sans.

I know they are a design studio but I couldn't find this font on their site, which led me to believe that they used another foundry's typeface for their main identity. I actually still can't find this font so I wonder if they sell it at all. Thanks anyway.

Their opening page is a flash file. It is possible to interpret a flash file (.swf) to determine its components. In this case, it includes the font, embedded.

The rest of the site seems to indicate that they use this font and a lighter version for all of their client design work. Doesn't make sense to me, but that's how I read it!

Do move this to the Type ID Board as suggested by Riccardo. You originally posted in the 'solved ID' section. Not your fault, the site layout is very confusing! But only you can move the thread to where it belongs, because you originated it.

- Herb

From http://tundrablog.com/wp-content/uploads/Picture-52.png, one can conclude that Atipo sans exists (at least) in light, regular and bold

If you download http://issuu.com/corondel/docs/elcorondel_52#download (in Spanish) and have a look you will find in an article concerning their font Calendas (on page 22) the following sentence:

diseñaron la familia Atipo sans para su propio estudio aplicada en logotipo, papelería, web, etcétera.

It thus seems rather clear that Atipo sans is for their own use only.

Thanks, all. Instead of moving this to the correct Type ID section, I'll just consider it solved.