Call For Entries: Ambigrams Revealed

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Hello Everyone,

I'm posting this with the kind permission of one of the mods (Thank again Dan!)

I'm an avid ambigram designer, and have been the content editor & writer for for approximately 4 years now. Recently I've started working on a book called Ambigrams Revealed, which has been accepted by PeachPit Press & will be published in March 2013. The book will be an international collection of ambigrams, case studies, tutorials and other content, along with a phenomenal judging panel which consists of three well known ambigram artists/critics and three well known graphic designers.

The website for the book is Ambigrams Revealed . It explains what the book is, details who is on the judging panel, and explains what type of submissions we are looking for.

Currently, we're accepting submissions until July 31st. After that, the participants will be chosen within a week and those accepted into the book will be sent a confirmation email.

Feel free to post questions regarding the book/submissions here or feel free to email me with any questions:

Looking forward to seeing some fantastic submissions, and thanks in advance to everyone!


ɯoɔ˙ɯɐɹƃıqɯɐ - ɹoʇıpǝ ʇuǝʇuoɔ

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Few ambigrams are more than a cute exercise. But this one makes great sense:

Cool signature BTW.


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Very clever signature! ^

My monogram is an ambigram:

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JL, pretty nice monogram!

hrant, I'll disagree with you. Ambigrams aren't just a cute exercise. And if you want a reason for my opinion, I'll let you know in March 2013. ;)

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